Science of Movies

This program will be learning how to do an interview of a verteran. Students will learn all the aspects of making a film. Using a camera, a lighting kit, and writing interview questions. 

  • The Original GIF. Explore how moving images are created, learn design and problem-solving techniques, and how animation communicates ideas..

  • Let's Talk About..... Identify important elements of interviewing, brainstorm and discuss ideas for interviewing and collaborate on the creation of a concept plan for their final interviewing project.

  • I Can't Believe What I'm Seeing. Learn how optical Illusion is utilized for filmmaking, stregthening their understanding of how the physical world is depicted in art and film and practicing drawing  3D drawings in a 2D space.

  • .Let there Be Light. Will discuss different light sources, learn how to set up three-point lighting, anylize light reflection and refraction, and using light to tell a story.

  •  Snap, Crackle, Prop. Investigate how vibrations create and change sound, Collaborate, Make Observations, and manipulate items to create unique sound effects and examine how their surroundings, including various items, can influence an observation.

  • .LIn the Can!. Create a storyboard design for the group project and collaborate on the creation and filming of the final group project.