Museum Events 


  • Science Snoozeum Dec. 15, 2017

    For a Special Holiday Snoozeum. Open to boys and girls ages 6-12 years of age. participate in special activities, make your own science toys and go on a scavenger hunt. Sleep next to a 727, next to the toy making factory or the chick hatchery.

  • Sleepover at the shedd New Year!

    Spring into a new season with a Sleepover at the Sheed! At our Asleep with the Fishes Overnight, you'll spend the night exploring the aquarium to learn about animals through a scavenger hunt and an aquatic presentation. Stay the night and sleep next to the fishes or head home after the evening's activities. Whether you are with a group or just with your family, find your adventure here

  • Chicago Children's Museum Activities Throughout December

    Open Playground in Pritzker Playspace
    Paint your Face                                    
    Tinkering Lab Costume Shop