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Maker Lab: Make Your Own Science Experiments by DK Publishing

Create your own science lab and try out amazing experiments with Maker Lab: Make Your Own Science Experiments.

Put on that lab coat and secure those safety glasses before testing over 30 kid-safe experiments that use common household items. Grow geodes in eggshells, make a bouncing ball out of slime, and build a rubber band solar system!

With kid-friendly experiments and crafts, science becomes pure fun and the scientific method is put into practice. The clear photographs and fact-filled spreads make following along with the experiments' step-by-step instructions easy, and keeps budding scientists entertained for hours.

Maker Lab makes learning a blast!

Poison Dart Frogs by Julie Murray

Hop through the Amazon rain forest with the poison dart frog! Engaging text and oversized, striking photos invite readers to travel to South America and learn about the poison dart frogs body structure, diet, life cycle, social behavior, habitat, predato

Science Experiments with Magnets by Alex Kuskowski

Make science simple! This book features easy and fun Science Experiments with Magnets using household items. Young readers can assemble experiments at home from a Cool Water Compass to Magic Floating Magnets. No laboratory needed! Each activity includes easy instructions with how-to photos, and short science explanations. Use fun to introduce math and science to kids. Super simple says it all.

Also in the Series check out "Science Experiments with Light"

What would you do with a Dictionary by Susan Kralovansky

Help young students leap into learning! The Library Resources series is an easy way to introduce younger readers to all the amazing resources offered at their local library. With simple text and engaging photos, this book educates early learners about dictionaries. It will teach kids how to look up definitions of words using a dictionary. Kids will also learn what entry words are, as well as how to pronounce the word and what part of speech it is. Whether for school or fun, this title helps kids get the most out of their library experience.

Also in the series check out "What Would You do with a Thesaurus"

Insults Aren't Funny: What to do About Vebal Bullying by Amanda Doering

Casey the rabbit loves to play goalie on the soccer team. But when Casey fails to block a goal, Dana the squirrel starts calling Casey hurtful names. Young readers watch Casey struggle with bullying and learn safe ways to make it stop. Sensitive illustrations of gender-neutral animal characters help all children relate to the issue of verbal bullying.
Danger on the Mountain: The Stories of Extreme Adventure by  Gregg Treinish

AccomplishedoutdoorexplorerGreggTreinishlovesadventure!Whetherit's spending two years hiking the remoteandperilouslyhighAndesMountainsor coming faceto facewith wolverines, lynx, andbears, Gregg alwaysknowswhere theactionis.Withgripping--andtotallytrue--stories of incredible adventures, extremeexcursions, and ultimate survival, this book will have you on the edge of your seat.

Amazing Bees by Sue Unstead

Read about the busy, buzzy life of bees with DK Reader Amazing Bees. Discover what makes bees so special and why they are very important. Find out how we can help them, too.

Desert Ecosystems by Tammy Gagne

This title will introduce readers to desert ecosystems, the plants and animals that thrive there, its climate, its food web, any threats to it, and conservation efforts. Readers will also learn about the most well known deserts and their unique characteristics.
Also in the series check out "Grassland Ecosystems" and "Wetland Ecosystems"

Super Simple Camera Projects: Inspiring and Educational Science Activities by Alex Kuskowski

Readers will find out about the history of the camera in Super Simple Camera Projects. Discover how George Eastman changed the photography industry. Then do the science-based camera projects like a pinhole camera or a sun print. This book has a timeline, easy-to-follow steps, how-to pictures, and, best of all, its written for kids!

Also in the series check out "Super Simple Telephone Projects: Inspiring and Educational Science Activities"

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